Six Things That Attract Insects And Pests Into Your House


If you are searching for the best way to control insects and pests in your house, there is one golden rule to live by and that is to not make it enticing for them to live there. Just like humans, bugs need three things to survive: Food, water and shelter. If you’re facing persistent pests, don’t just hope for the best.

Deterring unwelcome intruders comes down to an integrated approach. Cutting off as many of those resources as possible will make your home less attractive to creepy-crawlies in the first place, stopping potential infestations before they start.

Use the list below to help you reduce the odds that bugs move into your space….

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Block makers commends Dangote on new cement

Block Moulders Association of Nigeria has commended the Dangote Group for its new cement, BlocMaster.


The Chairman of the block moulders in Suleja, Niger State, Chief Patrick Markuche, who described the new product as Dangote’s best in terms of quality, said it had helped improve the association’s members’ revenue.

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Right of a Landlord in Property Eviction

It is generally believed that landlords are belligerent, troublesome people who lord their properties over tenants and try to make life uncomfortable for them but this is not always true. Just as tenants have been at the mercy of landlords, landlords have also been treated with contempt and maligned by tenants.

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Real Estate Scams and Fraud: How To Avoid Them

With the demand for accommodation more than supply, the Real Estate industry in Nigeria is fraught with various issues or cases of people being duped either by scam agents, con artists and the so called omoniles/Youths.

It then doesn’t come as a surprise when some people fall easy preys to scam agents, con artist in desperation. This article gives you an insight into the real estate scams in the Nigerian context, safeguard you from losing your money to scam agents and double-dealing homeowners and how it can be avoided….

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