How To Calculate Quantity & Cost Of Asbestos Ceiling Needed For Building Project

I’ll be taking us on calculating the quantity and approximate cost of Asbestos ceiling board for a mini-flat (I have attached a plan for this purpose) and as usual our measurement would be done using the standard millimeter (mm) and meters (m) mode of measuring.




Note: If you’re not familiar with the millimeters / meters tape, then find time to learn it or request for a tutorial in the comment box….

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Why a room is called a Master Bedroom

Why a room is called a “Master’s Bedroom”

Master Bedroom, when agents discuss houses and describe them, the features of the houses are mentioned without neglecting the term “a master bedroom”. In most cases, we must have realized that houses that have a master’s bedroom are usually better, finer, bigger and more inviting than any other place in that house. Why is this so?…

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Amancio Ortega Diversifies Into Us Real Estate

Amancio Ortega unveils $17.2bn real estate empire

Spain’s richest man, Amancio Ortega, has his fashion fortune to preserve his sizable wealth, investing more than $3bn in US real estate.Bloomberg reported that the founder and owner of fashion label Zara, invested €2.1bn  in real estate last year through various subsidiaries of his holding company, Pontegadea, according to an emailed statement….

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Buyers flood Montreal-area housing market after restrictions on real estate relaxed

Buyers flood Montreal-area housing market after restrictions on real estate relaxed

Montreal-area home prices saw a dramatic spike in June as first-time buyers flooded the Montreal housing market following relaxed restrictions on real estate.

Experts say first-time buyers drive up demand more than others, since they don’t leave a vacant home behind when they move. When a large amount of them enter the market at the same time, vacancy rates suffer….

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Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the founder of the House of The Rock Church in Lagos recently spoke about the beauty to Real Estate Investments and how to make money from real estate.

Coming from this brilliant man of God who knows a lot about Real Estate many found his lecture rich and thought provoking. There is a lot to learn from his speech which is currently trending online:…

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