Latest Prices of Rods and Cement in Nigeria

This is the page to get the accurate information on the latest price of rods and cement in Nigeria today. It is intended to assist anyone who is seeking for robust data about cost of building materials (Rods, Cement, POP Cement & Asbestos Ceiling Board) available in Benin-City and Delta State markets.

It will also assist any Entrepreneur who wishes to go into the business of building material supply. Nigerians oversea can as well benefit from the list, to get the idea of what is obtainable in the market back home and use it to make adequate planning towards your upcoming projects in the country. Prices may vary from state to state, however we will be using the prices of building materials in Benin City. This list will continually be updated DAILY.


Find below our prices of building materials:

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price rods cement nigeria

N2,800 (500 – 600 bags)

N2,850 (1 — 499 bags)

For Truck Price Call 070-6481-6581 || 090-1451-5866

price rods cement nigeria 


25mm Rods (22 Pieces) per tonne                       =========>  N374,000

25mm Rod One Full Length                                =========>  N17,000

price rods cement nigeria

20mm Rods (34 Pieces) per tonne                       =========>  N357,000

20mm Rod One Full Length                                =========>  N10,500

16mm Rods (53 Pieces) per tonne                        =========>  N280,000

16mm Rod One Full Length                                 =========>  N5,300

12mm Rods (94 Pieces) per tonne                        =========>  N286,000

12mm Rod One Full Length                                 =========>  N3,050

price rods cement nigeria

10mm Rods (135 Pieces) per tonne                      =========>  N344,000

10mm Rod One Full Length                                 =========>  N2,550

8mm Rods (210 pieces) per tonne                      =========>  N348,000

8mm Rod One Full Length                              =========>  N1,600

 Quarter Rods (Medium 12ft and Long 18ft ) 50 pieces per bundle           ======>

price rods cement nigeria

Binding Wires (3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 20kg)             ======>  Price Ranges Per kg


Fidelis – 070-6481-6581 || 090-4351-8238


  • Prices are same on all locations in Benin-City / Delta State.
  • Free delivery for all items listed (Long Distance May Attract Extra Charges).
  • Prices are based on bulk discounts and apply when you buy in large quantities.
  • Prices are at current rates and may change later due to market forces.

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