How To Register With Your Tablet/Mobile Device

Depending on the device or browser you are using. Your mobile Home Page should look similar to this:


Step1. Click user-icon1on user icon (Label as 2) as appear in the picture or equivalent position on your browsers due to compatibility issues. The following drop down menu will appear:


Step2. Client on “Register” at the drop down menu and wait for the pop up screen


Step3. Enter a username (e.g.  Royalproperties) and valid email address and then click Register Now


Step4. Login to the email used in Step3 for a welcome message. It contains your auto generated password. If you can’t find the message on your inbox then check your spam


Step5. Now, click on “Login” just beside the Register button also at the drop down menu and enter the username you Registered with and the auto generated password received via the email used in your Registration and then click Login Now


At this point you should be able to access your newly created account. However, to further set up your account click on “Profile” and then fill the necessary field on the form and you may as well change your password.


NB: in some mobile browsers, the icons Numbered as 1, 2 may not show. Still click on where point 2 is located to reveal the register and login drop down menu.


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